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Tahoe Rim Trail – Brockway Summit Hike

It is time to get out and enjoy this weather!  Warm and sunny days this time of year are great for multiple activities. Ski one day, mountain bike one day, and get the whole family together for a hike the next.  The Tahoe adventure is always available.  Take this recommendation for a great hike option.

There are hundreds of choices, but this past weekend my husband and I found this one to be perfect for a Sunday afternoon with the family.

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a hiking trail that spans the circumference of Lake Tahoe created by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association and hundreds of dedicated volunteers since 1981.  There are various access points along its 165 miles of trail.  A fun challenge is to explore the entire loop piece by piece until you’ve covered the entire loop.

Today we will focus on 1.5 miles off the summit of Highway 267.  This is a short, uphill climb to some amazing Lake Tahoe views.  From the parking area you start the switchback climb through the shade of old growth pine trees. As you climb higher, don’t forget to look up as filtered views of Lake Tahoe start to appear.  First, you will see a trail that heads downhill on the right.  Keep heading up until you find a trail on the left that makes a 180-degree turn and keeps heading uphill which is marked “viewpoint.” At this point, you are almost to the top.  As the trees start to clear, look up and you will see a cluster of large rocks that pile up like pillows.  Climb to the top of your favorite one for a breathtaking view of Big Blue!  Round trip is about 3.5 miles, and fun for the whole family.

Driving Directions:
From Truckee: take hwy 267 towards Northstar/Kings Beach.  Drive to the summit and pass the first right turn where you will see a sign for Snowmobile Tours this time of year.  Continue down the summit another couple hundred yards. On your right is a parking area.  Park.  Cross the street to access the trailhead.

From Kings Beach: take hwy 267 towards Northstar/Truckee. Drive almost to the top of the summit.  There is a parking area on your left (if you get to the top and see the sight for Snowmobile Tours, you’ve gone too far). Park. Cross the street to access the trailhead.