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Winter…Coming to Town!

Snow is on the way and with it the weather becomes the number one topic of conversation!  Knowledge of weather and road conditions makes for safe travel and outside excursions.  

One of the most versatile websites for up-to-date information is  From this site you can check road conditions and road cams, National Weather Service forecasts, back country snow and avalanche information, ski area conditions with links to much, much more.  One of my go-to sites is the Weather Geek.  The geek posts fairly accurate snow and weather forecasts on an almost daily basis during the winter months.  I can’t start the day without a peek at the geek – so to speak!  (sorry…)  You can also check jet stream forecasts, ridge radar, current wind speed and direction, water and snow levels and even see what road signs along I80 are saying. 

Get your skis tuned, put the snow tires on your four-wheel drive and add this website to your phone or computer.  

Be safe this winter!!