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I first did this ride four years ago, invited by a friend who had done the ride and sat on the board of directors for the MS chapter for almost 20 years. Having never straddled a road bike before, much less for over 100 miles… I was terrified and questioned if I could even do it. I remember during the ride, coming across one MS athlete around mile 60, who said to me with a big smile on his face “any day is a great day when you’re vertical and on a bike.” His outlook and mindset changed my whole way of thinking about endurance activities and pushing yourself to limits you didn’t know were possible on a bike.


Here we are four years later, as a now dedicated road cycling enthusiast, now carrying on the torch from my brother who rode multiple years on the East Coast in honor of my Mother’s ongoing 30+ year battle with MS. I formed our own team, Tahoe Time, a Tahoe based group, focused on raising as much money as possible and bringing great friends together for this wonderful experience.

This year I am proud to have several of my coworkers at Tahoe Mountain Realty join me on this ride. Fancy Rutherford, Colleen Loiseau, Justin Swett, Dylan Griffin, and myself, Matty McInnis are excited to proudly represent the Tahoe Mountain Realty brand in between the handlebars and will pedal as hard as we can for your generosity.

My mom wakes up every day with a challenge but always has the most incredible spirit each day to stay positive, have fun, enjoy the ride, and good company. Team Tahoe Time needs your help to hit our goals and raise money to help cure MS for everyone in your own lives you know is affected with this horrible disease.

We’ve set an ambitious goal because we know that with support from people like you, we can get there.