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Waterskiing Rubicon Bay on Lake Tahoe

Deep on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe are some of the most pristine waters on the entire lake. The vivid blue variations in color on Rubicon Bay range from turquoise in the shallows to navy blue where the depths plunge quite suddenly to some of the deepest on the lake. One of my most memorable days at Tahoe this summer was teaching my 9 year old to waterski while enjoying the serenity of Rubicon Bay.

Around the corner from Rubicon Bay is Meeks Bay Marina, where we launched our ski boat and rented a boat slip for a few days while we camped in the State Campground. On this particular early morning, it was windy in Meeks Bay. The moment we entered Rubicon Bay, it was calm and glassy, the water was magical. Being able to see every detail and contour of the bottom of the lake, it left nothing to the imagination of a 9 year old as to what was beneath him as he floated around behind our boat. This kid has spent countless hours on the boat since he was an infant, and has had many opportunities to ski on other Sierra bodies of water where he chickened out. This had everything to do with “what is under me?” In Rubicon Bay however, he jumped in and floated around comfortably while observing the sand patterns at the bottom of the lake. After a quick verbal rendition of how to get up on waterskis, he yells “hit it” and up he popped! Effortless on all attempts that morning. Once we were all tired from skiing, we just idled around imagining how incredible it would be to own one of the lakefronts on this quiet bay of white sand with Rubicon Peak glistening in the background.

This was my best morning on Tahoe this summer, quite possibly ever.