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Warren Miller is an iconic ski and snowboarding filmmaker. His annual films are known for their authenticity, humor and for featuring the top talent in the industry. With his first movie “Deep and Light” in 1950, Warren Miller earned his place as the most recognizable filmmaker in action sports. It is no wonder that every year it has become a tradition for many to go and see the new Warren Miller production. This year, venues across the country and around the world will be hosting Warren Miller’s 67th film “Here There & Everywhere”. With high hopes for a good winter all across the country in ski towns everywhere, there will be sell out shows.

This year’s film will showcase the talents of over 30 athletes, 5 who call Tahoe their home: JT Holmes, Amie Engerbretson, Jonny Moseley, Daron Rahlves and Jeremy Jones. The film will take you to places far and near, typical and not so typical. Crested Butte and Fenway Park (yes, the baseball field). Eastern Greenland, Switzerland, and right back to Squaw Valley, USA. If you are ready to get pumped up for the 2016/2017 winter season, this is sure to help. Look up a time and venue near you!

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