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Understanding New Construction Assurances

An often mis-understood aspect of purchasing new construction in California are the buyer protections provided through Senate Bill 800. Affectionately known as SB800, this Civil Code came about in 2003 to mandate the process for filing certain types of construction defect claims. The law requires residential construction defects be covered by the builder/developer up to 10 years after the property is first occupied. Coverage is quite expansive, ranging from fit and finish items to things like structural, exteriors, finishes, and roofing systems.

If you are considering purchasing a newly constructed home in Tahoe, the protections set forth in SB800 are a great assurance.

When anyone purchases real property in North Lake Tahoe a home warranty is often considered. SB800 is essentially a Home Warranty on steroids. Coverage far exceeds that of a traditional warranty plan. The bill also defines what constitutes a defect for seemingly all aspects of a residential building and the appurtenant systems. The defect could be poor workmanship or even a defective product. In adoption of the bill, rights and procedures were established for recourse, as well as statutes of limitation for filing a claim.

A major distinction of SB800 is the statutory nature. Both parties, builder/developer and purchaser, are bound by law for the duration of the bill defined timeframes. A builder is required to offer to repair any sited violations, or alternatively refer up to three contractors capable of completing the repair work.

If you are considering purchasing a newly constructed home in Tahoe, the protections set forth in SB800 are a great assurance. Local Tahoe contractors are well versed in the bill and often great resources to ensuring a happy homeowner experience.

Here are some Senate Bill 800 Timelines at a Glance:

1 Year:

  • fit and finish warranty
  • irrigation and drainage
  • manufactured products

2 Year:

  • decay of untreated wood posts
  • landscaping systems
  • dryer ducts

4 Year:

  • plumbing and sewer
  • electrical systems
  • cracks in exterior hardscape, pathways, drievways, landscape, sidewalls, sidewalks, patios
  • corrosion of steel fences

5 Year:

  • deterioration of building surfaces due to paint or stain

10 Year:

  • all other defects or violations of building standards
  • balconies and balcony systems
  • decks and deck systems
  • exterior stairs and stair systems
  • exterior stucco, siding, walls, framing, finishes, and fixtures
  • fire protection
  • foundation systems and slabs
  • foundations, load bearing components, slabs, and underlying soils
  • hardscape, paths, patios, irrigation systems, landscape systems, and drainage systems
  • plumbing lines, sewer lines, and utility lines
  • retaining and site walls, associated drainage systems
  • roofing materials
  • roofs, roofing systems, chimney caps, and ventilation
  • soils and engineered retaining walls
  • structure
  • windows, patio doors, deck doors, and related systems

The above is general consumer information regarding SB 800. Of course this information is not intended to be legal advice. If any specific questions arise about SB 800, or how it applies to you as a homeowner, please contact your favorite attorney.