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Truckee Tahoe Trails Ready to Run/Ride

Are you ready to run in Tahoe? Well, there are a surprising number of trails that are ready for you to run or ride your mountain bike on. So, come and enjoy spring or fall while there’s not a ton of precipitation. Many of these trails take until June before they are in a state that you can recreate and not be covered head to toe in mud. Many of the TMR team members have already been out enjoying these trails. Check out some for yourself:

The Tompkins Memorial Trail is 14.6 miles of multi-use trails, and is located in the lower portion of Northstar Mountain and provides the residential developments links to the Martis Valley and various Northstar neighborhoods. This trail is open to the public for hiking, running and biking.

Emigrant Trail – When you park at Donner Camp, there is a 1/3 mile nature loop (see picture of me running on bridges above) with historically informative signs to read about the Donner Party. That is if you go right at the parking lot. If you go to your left (when looking towards Prosser Lake) you will hit the Emigrant trail that will take you all the way to Stampede Reservoir. If you go right (when looking towards Prosser Lake) you will get to Prosser Lake skirting the neighborhood of Prosser Lakeview (see picture of Matt running over river crossing below).

Sawtooth, running along the O6 fire road, is also completely clear all the way through with great views down to the Truckee River and HWY 89.

Or the Legacy Trail is a great paved option which runs along the Truckee River starting at Regional Park stretching all the way down to Riverview Park and beyond. This trail is great for kids, strollers, bikes and scooters.

The weather in North Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous right now, and it’s the perfect climate to go out and enjoy some of the finest recreational opportunities that Tahoe has to offer. See you on the trail!