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The Truckee River Legacy Trail is a culmination of nearly 20 years of planning and collaboration.  The year 2009 was a landmark in the planning and execution of this project as phase 1 and 2 of the Truckee River Legacy Trail were completed.  These phases linked the Truckee Regional Park to the Riverview Sports Park making it easy to commute by bike or foot between the two.  The segment has been used and loved by many ever since.  Now with phase 3 complete last year,  (which connects the existing trail to to Glenshire) runners, bikers and walkers have 5 miles of traffic free class 1 bikeway and multi-use trails.  The journey down the Legacy Trail is certainly peaceful with sections that run parallel to the Truckee River, trees tower above and open space surrounds  you.


Next up for the Truckee River Legacy Trail is an expansion westward and upstream along the Truckee River towards HWY 89. From HWY 89 the trail will find it’s way to Donner State Park on the East End of Donner Lake.  Measure R passed in June 2014, and the estimated result will be to generate $10 million over 10 years in order to build more trails. This will enable phases 4 and 5 of the Truckee River Legacy Trail to get underway.

Progress on trails and neighborhood connectivity can be seen in other parts of the Truckee area as well.

From old town Truckee, roughly branching off from the bridge below the Regional Park that connects to East River Road, a trail leads up under HWY 80 to the back side of Coyote Moon golf course and into Tahoe Donner.   If you take a right turn turn just after heading under HWY 80, the trail will take you up to the Pioneer Center.  Continue on the bike path to Gray’s Crossing where you will find extensive bike trails.  In one direction you will hook into the Prosser Lake View neighborhood.  In the other direction you will go back under HWY 80 to Old Greenwood neighborhood.

From the Truckee Regional Park there is a path that leads along Brockway Raod towards HWY 267.  Winding through neighborhoods and into the Martis Valley.  By the end of this fall, the trail will be completed through the Martis Valley parallel to HWY 267 almost all the way  to the Tompkins Memorial Trail parking area on HWY 267 (a hiking biking tail that winds up through Northstar).  Eventually, this trail has plans to make it up over the Brockway summit connecting Truckee to Lake Tahoe.

It is truly incredible how far the trail system has come in such a short time.  Thinking back 5 to 10 years ago, it was hard to find even a decent sidewalk to push the stroller, enjoy the outdoors or take the kids safely on a walk or bike ride.  Now, the web of trails and especially the class 1 bikeway and multi-use tails are growing every year in Truckee.  Thanks to strong community support as the outdoors continues to be the main focus and love of the this town.