Trokay Restaurant in Truckee

By October 15, 2013No Comments

Have you been to Trokay yet? Open since last winter in downtown (Commercial Row) Truckee where OB’s used to be, the Trokay Restaurant is one of Truckee’s newest restaurants and it is certainly unlike pretty much anything else in this town. Before I had the opportunity to experience it for myself, I had a friend describe it as a restaurant “for a real ‘foodie’…the type of place you usually only find in The City”. Now knowing a little bit about the owners/chefs, it all fits into place.

Husband and wife duo, John and Nyna Weatherson, came to Truckee from New York City in 2011. Together, their culinary resumes bring accredited metropolitan training, experience and accolades to the table. Their mission is driven by creativity and sustainability. The results are sophisticated menus focused on flavor and texture complexity. They even have a full vegetarian menu. Learn more about the owners, the restaurant and the menus at http://restauranttrokay.com/

I went to Trokay today for lunch. The menu has a nice variety of offerings including soups, salads, sandwiches, and even breakfast dishes like biscuits & gravy. Some of their more notorious items are the Lobster Roll, the Croque Monsieur, and the Tomato Bisque. I enjoyed the Heirloom Greens salad with shrimp…yum! Contrary to what you might think based off of the selection, the menu is affordable compared to many of the other restaurant options in town. Where you may want to save dinner there for a more special occasion, you can treat yourself to a gourmet lunch anytime.