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I hope you have enjoyed the continual content provided by Tahoe Mountain Realty on our blog. Recognizing that there is an inordinate amount of marketing coming from various voices throughout the region, we have created this blog in an effort to provide a continual stream of information regarding the local real estate market and the lifestyle afforded through homeownership.

My goal in leading this organization is to put together a group of thoughtful, service-driven people who are overwhelmingly competent at providing exceptional service both as agents guiding you through a real estate transaction and as a resource insightful knowledge of the area.

As such, our brokerage model is a bit different than most. We are not seeking to speak the loudest or impress you with flashy headshots on our business cards. We spend an inordinate amount of time collectively discussing our observations on the market so that each person, whether agent or support staff, is current on inventory, consumer trends, architecture, and economic factors impacting our market and the lives of our clients. 

Moreover, within Tahoe Mountain Realty you will find a remarkably diverse collection of individuals with a passion for the lifestyle of the region ranging from skiing, hiking and biking to understanding hidden culinary gems. In addition to their active participation in the long term welfare of the community through conservation, education and restoration.

Tahoe Mountain Realty is something greater than the sum of our individual parts. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds including the golf and ski industry, hospitality management, private aviation, high-tech, finance, real estate development among other areas.  We boast graduates of University of Colorado, U.C. Santa Barbara, U.C. Davis, Florida State University, University of Nevada-Reno, University of Maryland, Sacramento State University, University of Vermont, University of Minnesota, and University of Connecticut, along with other fine institutions. We even have five Truckee High graduates and two former members of the Northstar Ski Team when they were children.

My hope is that you will see the perspectives and character of this group reflected on this page through the filter of topics that are interesting and helpful to you.

As we look to the future, it is clear that digital media will play an increasingly large role in our delivery of relevant and interesting content. Tahoe Mountain Realty is committed to being on the forefront of technology as we consider new ways to make this page more interactive. Whether video blogs, podcasts or other forms of visual media, we will keep you up to speed in the manner in which you want to be updated.

As such, your feedback is always welcome. Whether aspects of market analysis or features of a specific property, please let us know what information is important you. In addition to the information found on this site, you can find fast and frequent updates from us on:

Twitter & Instagram:  @TahoeMtnRealty

Thank you once more for your ongoing engagement with Tahoe Mountain Realty.

Jeff Brown
Managing Broker
Tahoe Mountain Realty