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Looking for land in Tahoe? I have some tips for you. I can’t tell you how many times people want to look at land to build on, yet don’t get out of the car to walk on the sites they are considering. This is a huge mistake! If you are looking to make the first step in a build project investment, the land is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle. You could have an amazing house on a terrible lot, and then there is nothing that can be done about it, no matter how great the house is. So, get out of the car, put your sneakers on, and have fun with it!

Some important questions to consider:

•    Is there a distinctive feature about this lot (e.g. location, views, size)? If the answer is no, and you are just looking at another lot in the forest, then you might want to keep looking. Especially in large amenity communities like Martis Camp, what is going to make someone want your lot or home in the future vs. other options when there is a lot of inventory for them to choose from?

•    What is the sun orientation of the lot? Are you someone who likes to spend time on your back patio/deck and enjoy the afternoon sun? If so, make sure the lot allows for you to accomplish that goal

•    Have you looked at all of your options in similar price ranges, even if they are in other communities that you haven’t yet considered? You may find something more suitable for your needs, or you may reinforce your #1 pick. Either way, spending a little extra time is worth it. Sometimes smaller communities offer a  more intimate feel and have less inventory which may equal better overall value for you, personally

•    Are you informed about any restrictions or design guidelines that could impact your design for your home? Make sure you know what they are before you buy

•    Have you consulted with an architect and/or a builder to come walk the lot with you? Their input can be invaluable when making a decision to buy a lot.

These are just some thoughts, and I certainly have many more for land buyers. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions,

Katie Tyler