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The snow plant (technically, Sarcodes Sanguinea Torr) is one of the Sierra Nevada’s most unique wildflowers and can only be found in California, Oregon and Nevada. Spring is the best time to see these bright red plants. They pop out of the brown forest floor and grow to be about a foot in height. The snow plant has no chlorophyll and gets nutrition from fungi underneath the soil. For this reason they can not be transplanted. The snow plant is now protected from collection and destruction by California Law.

Once seen, this plant is never forgotten! You may start to spot them on your spring adventures hiking or biking around the area. Now that you know more about these mysterious little forest gems, you’ll be able to really appreciate them when you see them.

The peak of the Lake Tahoe wildflower season is typically around the middle of July but blooms are off to an early start, don’t miss this natural wonder!

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