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I have been a bit too sentimental lately so I swiftly decided to remove any of my family homes from the catalog of options. I would write about my favorite Tahoe house. The options were endless. Between my career in real estate and my background designing weddings, primarily at North Tahoe lakefront estates; I’ve seen lots of incredible homes.

“This iconic property has 200 feet of private lake frontage, a mind-blowingly beautiful fairy-tale lawn and a marina style pier with boat slips.”

I ultimately decided on what was formerly known as the Quist Estate. That is, before Mark Zuckerburg scooped her up for a nifty $22 million. Zuckerburg presumptively purchased the property with the intention of tearing down the home and starting anew. He may have bought it for the “glory lot” but I think he’ll be making a mistake with a complete tear-down. You see, I love quirky old lake houses. I am an New Englander who was brought up at a summer camp after all. Rustic elegance on the water speaks to my soul. My favorite homes are those that have good stories to be told. 

“In my opinion it’s the epitome of Old Tahoe beauty.”

This iconic property has 200 feet of private lake frontage, a mind-blowingly beautiful fairy-tale lawn and a marina style pier with boat slips. It daintily sits one of the sweetest and most intimate water-skiing coves on the West Shore (a.k.a. the best shore). When people drive their boats by this place the driver slows down and the boaters stop and point. I’ve had adorable, old grandpas tell me that they grew up admiring this home from their family sailboat. In my opinion it’s the epitome of Old Tahoe beauty.

This dreamy lawn was the location for a young Alicia Silverstone’s wedding (Clueless royalties were dropped, no doubt) and it’s rumored that part of The Godfather was filmed here (in conjunction with the Fluer De Lac compound down the road). Mary Kate and Ashley Olson rented the house one New Years Eve about 15 years ago to throw a Gatsbyesque soirée. Afterwards, the caretaker told me that the twins smoked cigarettes in every room in the house (gross!) and had to pay an astronomical fee to have the scent professionally removed after their departure. Plenty of other rich and famous individuals certainly pranced around the property since it was erected in 1930, although they kept it pretty hush-hush, as the point in being on 3.5 acres in Lake Tahoe is privacy, seclusion and relaxation. If I had to guess I would say that John and Jackie may have danced here, probably barefoot in the moonlight. 

The main house is white-washed, wooden construction with soaring ceilings, wide panel floors, and abundant windows. It was extravagant back in the day but also always reminded me of an old fashioned ski lodge. Maybe it was the massive stone fireplaces throughout. The “lodge” has 8 bedrooms, 9.5 bathrooms and is divided between 3 separate living areas connected by pretty breezeways. There are also 2 caretakers quarters with more bedrooms and bathrooms. Overall, it feels a little bit summer-camp, a little bit vintage-ski-house, a little French (whimsy, graceful, stylish), and that’s why it’s one of my TOP 2 favorite Tahoe lakehouses. Stay tuned for my next post about an equally magnificent beach-house on the border of California and Nevada.