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One of the best golf experiences in Lake Tahoe can be found at the Lahontan Golf Club. Since the inaugural round in 1998 by designer Tom Weispkopf, Lahontan’s 18 Hole Golf Course has set the bar for highly amenitized non-lakefront Lake Tahoe communities. Regardless of real estate trends and broader economic fluctuations the golf course has, and will remain the foundation of the community.

During the 2011 season the full equity, member run community switched to a market pricing membership structure. Since, the community has experienced a youthful boost with one third of the 350 members having joined since the shift. With 23 new members last year and another 7 already joining since January 2017, savvy families are recognizing the lavish lifestyle can cost a fraction of the price (hint hint… neighboring Martis Camp). Only 4 memberships are currently available.

In prior years many younger families dismissed Lahontan as a traditional country club, golf-centric community. With a rebounded economy, interest from different markets, i.e. Martis Camp, Gray’s Crossing, Schaffer’s Mill, etc, and incredible value, its no surprise Lahontan is experiencing a resurgence.

“We are not just a golf club …”


Community Association and Golf Club General Manager Jeff Cobain recently told me his thoughts why, “We are not just a golf club. We definitely put golf at the top of our list and it’s the ‘Jewel of Lahontan.'” Cobain went on to say, “But there is plenty for everyone in the family to enjoy here at Lahontan all throughout [sic] the facilities.”

On second glance, the Lahontan Golf Club has other aspects beyond golf. From the Locker, Spa, & Fitness Center expansion representing the first major project when the members took over the club to Camp Lahontan, the Family Center, and Family Pool. These and other additions are being created to aid in enjoyment of the burgeoning youthful presence. Much of the additions were organic, member driven. Summer programming like the Family Fishing Derby, Glow Bocce, Concerts in the Park, and Family Movie nights have become family favorites.

Paralleling the membership boom is real estate activity. Driving around the community the amount of thriving new construction is evident. Since the first of May 10 new homes have broken ground with another 5 slated to begin during the calendar year. Currently 256 of the 509 total homesites have existing structures built on them. With over 300 acres of open space John Stewart, the Community Manager & Design Review Administrator, anticipates increased new construction until the full build out of about 400+ homes – including 60+ privacy lots and 8 homes built on combined lots. 6 Homes Currently Listed Under $2M at Lahontan.

New construction is a healthy balance of end users and speculation, 40% and 60% respectively (in line with historical area trends). In previous years the stagnant spec market in Lahontan produced only a handful of new homes. With a frothy market and thirst for new product Stewart commented, “We are seeing a lot of activity compared to previous years. The spec market is taking off right now.” This balance and lack of overhanging debt is a very positive sign for the direction of the community. 4 Brand New Construction Homes at Lahontan.

For those interested in securing a homesite and building their dream home it’s imperative to choose a builder with experience in Lahontan to expedite the process and reduce costs. Knowledgeable architects and builders have taken advantage of a streamlined design/review process. Currently, new homes can take as few as 3 review meetings to gain approval (2 preliminary design & 1 final design). In the past this was unheard of. Stewart elaborated stating, “Adding new homes that compliment what is already in the community is our goal. We have created a process that improves and adds value to the community.”

As Martis Valley continues to grow with the Tahoe Expeditionary Academy, Raley’s grocery store, and Truckee Airport Tower these projects will improve the “easy living” lifestyle. Lahontan’s identity has, and will always be linked to its bedrock golf course. With family oriented amenity additions, all paid for with capital reserves, the community is appealing to a different demographic. As neighboring community prices continue to surge Lahontan is the no-brainer value option.

I’m happy to share more information with you, friends, and family about current opportunities to get involved at Lahontan. Check out the TMR Blog for Market Updates and Additional Information. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything I can help with.