In the words of one of the greatest musicians of our generation, Glen Frey, “The Heat is On” in Tahoe. With unseasonably warm temperatures for February, a stark contrast to last season’s record setting 60+ feet of snow in the month, Mother Nature has only dropped approx. 5 inches of snow…

Skiing conditions are however, better than you think, as the window between 10am-2pm I’ve found is where spring skiing conditions are optimal. The need to ski “bell to bell,” has taken a back seat, while the challenge to diversify activities in a single day, what I call the “Tahoe Triathlon,” has become the reality. I challenge you to get back up here and see how many activities you can cram into one day, as Tahoe is truly one of the only places, I’ve found in the world with so much opportunity for multi-sport enthusiasts. 

Warm temperatures have also correlated to a flurry of activity in the local market. Rarely do consumers get such an early opportunity to see full scopes of property so early in the season, but right now conditions are optimal for touring property and land in the area. 

19 properties are currently pending this month in our Core Luxury Golf and Ski centric markets with Martis Camp leading the charge posting 7 homes under contract, while Northstar’s newest project, Village Walk Skyline is firing through pre-sale reservations, recording their 6th reservation out of the available 8 from Phase 1’s launch. 

With still only approximately 3 month’s supply of inventory for the region, where 6 month’s supply indicate a balanced market, we do suspect that favorable weather conditions will lead to an influx of sellers looking to beat the seasonal spring listing cycle, as strong market conditions and low interest rates are truly over-riding historical trends.