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Historic downtown Truckee holds centuries of stories and many memories for so many that work, play and have visited the area throughout the years.  It is always changing with new shops and restaurants but I like to think that it’s better today than it ever has been.  To spend a day enjoying all that the downtown area has to offer is worth the trip.

Let’s continue our stroll down the streets of Historic downtown Truckee for a look into what was and what continues to serve this thriving community.

The Squeeze-In is a long-time favorite for the best (and biggest) omelets on the planet and has been in the same location since 1974.  Step inside to see the history literally written on the wall in marker from past patrons. A close look will find some of our local Olympian’s mark on the walls.

The oldest retail establishment in the region is located right in the middle of the strip, Cabona’s, open since 1918.  Now full of beautiful clothing for men and women, this was once the place to buy fishing supplies, tires and general merchandise at Dave Cabona’s Dry Goods Emporium.

Have you tried a loaf of bread from Truckee Sourdough Company (  This tastiness all began in the family owned Ponderosa Deli.  Keith Nikkel and his bread company outgrew the deli and are currently located just across the railroad tracks.  The Deli was sold and made it’s mark for quite a few more years but is now home to Best Pies where you can find a full bar and some delicious New York style pizza.

A second story location is Truckee’s newest restaurant, Truckee Tavern and Grill. With some of the best drink concoctions in town and great food the Tavern has already made its mark. ( This is also the newest building on the strip as it was rebuilt after a devastating explosion in 1993 leaving 2 restaurants with nothing and an empty gap in the strip.  Josephine’s, an Italian restaurant never re-opened after the accident.  Wong’s Garden, Chinese cuisine is still serving but moved off the main drag to the other side of town.  

The Past Time Bar and the Tourist Club are a must see.  Both have been making their mark and serving cold beer for decades from noon into the wee hours of the night.  Step inside the Tourist Club, order a PBR or whiskey and enjoy the scenery.  You will be sure to find something new every time as the walls are covered in everything from old photos to hunting trophies.

Truckee continues to evolve but the charm and character of the historic downtown area remains the same.