Tucked between Trout Creek and the Truckee River running parallel to the Transcontinental Railway, Historic downtown Truckee is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. There are many businesses, shops and restaurants that have been around for years and others that are just starting to make their mark.  Each unique building and storefront has it’s own story to tell.  Let’s take a glance at the evolution of Truckee’s Historic downtown business district.

At the Bar of America, most people know that the clever name came from the original use of the building.  Step inside and see if you can find the old teller windows and other hints of banking history.

Next along was a favorite for many, the Irish pub and restaurant, OB’s Board.  Now divided into three spaces it houses the delicate cuisine of Restaurant Trokay, the jewels at Blue Stone and the chic clothing of Nomad Boutique.  Tucked in the back of Bluestone, see if you can find an old oven that was part of a bakery that pre-dates OB’s.

Always a popular gathering spot, Pianeta Ristorante was once Truckee River Book and Tea followed by The Left Bank restaurant where a French chef brought Truckee residents new flavor well ahead of its time.  Take a peek inside to see the technical details of the artwork from highly respected and talented local artist, Pam Krone, on the walls and ceilings.

Where once the locals shopped for every imaginable tool, nail, light bulb and paint color, now you can find every pot, pan, spatula and teapot.  The very popular Roberts Hardware is now the Cooking Gallery.

Tahoe Mountain Realty, formerly Tahoe Mountain Resorts Real Estate occupied present day Riverside Studios.  At the forefront of the resort community development, this was a beautiful showroom sharing the beginnings of what has now become the some of the most sought after properties in the North Lake Tahoe area. TMR now occupies the Icon building at Northstar and two other Truckee locations.

Stay tuned for more on looking back on how historic Truckee has grown, changed and become the charming commercial row that we know and love today.