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As an homage to my passion for style and design, I decided that the first of a flurry of ‘favorites’ emails will be dedicated to mountain design. Specifically, the moody hue that are pervading the mountain homes: black. Black is the new white and black is definitely back.

This sooty aesthetic is making its way across all of the interiors and exteriors in the mountains. Dark exteriors immediately transition an older Tahoe home into something much more contemporary and appealing to the buyer market. A-frames seem to lend themselves particularly stylishly to this aesthetic.

Interiors are also embracing the dark, moody hues. Specifically on the walls. The home office or den is one room where this concept is successful. Paired with wood shelving and furnishings, the result is decidedly modern and somehow comforting.


Powder rooms have always been a space for wild expression. Mountain homes are doubling down on the pitch black, dimly lit powder rooms as an expression of moody modernity. Primary bathrooms are also showing up swathed in black, even the ceilings and tile. The bolder, the better.

The kitchen… a place that has always embraced white has flipped to the dark side as well. Inky black cabinetry with emotive stone surfaces have claimed this space throughout the alpine environment. Even the fixtures are onyx. Layers of black on black on black.

Article Authored by Jennifer Pearsall