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There has been some exciting news about the first new campground to be proposed in the Tahoe Basin in over 20 years.


Below is an official announcement from the developer, Mountainside Partners:


The Brockway Campground is the first new seasonal campground to be proposed in the Tahoe Basin in over 20 years. The primary focus of the campground will be to provide a high-quality, diverse camping experience in North Lake Tahoe to meet existing and future demand for outdoor recreation. It will also support the Tahoe/Truckee region’s destination tourism efforts by offering a new opportunity for visitors to experience North Lake Tahoe.

The Brockway Campground’s minor use permit application will be submitted in the near term to Placer County and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, and proposes 550 campsites, which is 282 campsites less than what is allowable for the project. This represents a 34 percent reduction from the number of allowable campsites. Campground amenities are anticipated to include restrooms and showers, guest registration, gathering areas, family pavilions, a swimming pool, a general store, recreational sports rental, dining, and other features.

It is important to note that currently, only two percent of the campsites located within the Tahoe Basin are in North Lake Tahoe. The Brockway Campground will serve to correct the imbalance of campsites within the Tahoe Basin, as well as offer families the ability to enjoy a variety of outdoor recreational activities available in North Lake Tahoe while providing a range of camping experiences including campsites for traditional tents, campers and eco-shelters.

We have shared our vision for the project with groups and agencies including the Boys & Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe, North Tahoe Business Association, North Lake Tahoe Resort Association, Tahoe Rim Trail Association, Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association and local Girl Scouts troops, and are encouraged by their initial interest in the campground and the benefits it will offer the North Lake Tahoe area.

Our intention is to offer the public a new opportunity to enjoy an outdoor experience in North Lake Tahoe, and to reconnect with nature. This will be accomplished through thoughtful design that leverages current eco-friendly, environmentally sound practices and materials. We have retained the services of Bud Surles Consulting Group, a respected leader in campground design and implementation, as well as Oz Architecture, an agency that has held long-term design contracts with the National Park Service to carefully design the Brockway Campground.

We are proud of the project being proposed, believe it will be an incredible asset to our community, and a place that people will enjoy for generations to come. For more information about the project, we encourage you to visit the Brockway Campground website.

Also, you may find a recent article in Moonshine Ink about the campground here.