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When you imagine your ideal getaway, how far do you have to travel to get to that destination? Are you within reach of it on a weekly or monthly basis? Lake Tahoe is well known for it’s winter and summer activities, as well as it’s ease of access to the hub of Northern California, and it’s ease of access could be the greatest of them all.

The aspects that contribute to the allure of Truckee are quite unique. When speaking about the differences in ski-towns across America, Truckee seems to stand out in a multitude of ways. Four seasons of activity are the obvious, but when looking at it from a destination perspective, it’s truly Northern California’s playground. The greatest benefit is it’s a drive-to destination. Park City, Utah and Big Sky, Montana are great mountain towns, however when comparing it to Truckee, their ease of access to metropolitan cities is a bit of a stretch and most likely will involve air travel. In turn, making them a one or two week vacation destination, not a second home getaway.

Truckee’s second home owners are embedded into the culture, the economy relies on and runs on tourism. The town itself thrives based on commerce brought in by weekend warriors and extended visitors. Families are drawn to the area because the memories made in their second homes are priceless. The congestion of the San Francisco Bay Area are what make the wide open landscape, blue skies, and outdoor activities even brighter. As a real estate professional in the area, it is always a pleasure to help individuals and families find their dream home or second home, to fully experience the magic of the mountains. 

When we put our lives in perspective, the time we spend with loved ones is the greatest of them all. Let’s make your dreams a reality.

Photo Credit to Paul Hamill