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In contemplating the families to whom I’ve had the opportunity of selling real estate, some trends appear to be emerging among their use patterns.  I’ve found that more and more of these people, all of whom are exceptionally well-qualified financially, have begun to place greater emphasis on the quality of their experiences in Tahoe rather than specific features of a property.

An area that displays this trend more significantly than anywhere else in the region is Home Run at Northstar Resort.  These Mountainside townhomes allow families to live with and on the ski resort. I have been able to work with three families that are now owners at Home Run, and all of their purchasing experiences were very similar.  While the Home Run townhomes are brand new and at the height of our luxury market, what was valued most by these new owners was what they could do once they were there.  The uniqueness of being able to ski in and out of their home with family and friends made Home Run the perfect spot to complement their lifestyles.  Obviously skiing with the family can be accomplished living anywhere around Truckee or Lake Tahoe, however, the convenience of having it right outside one’s front door cannot be matched and will only help promote the activity.  For these three families, the objective of their vacations was similar: To spend time with each other on and off the ski hill, which is now effortless because they literally live on it.

I have noticed this mentality drawing buyers to other communities in our region as well.  At Gray’s Crossing, for example, I have owners that decided to purchase a home based on its proximity to their favorite activities around Tahoe, hiking and biking.  While this is different than being able to have immediate ski access, it is the same general premise; what was most important to this family was being in a location and community that enabled their activities, rather than the characteristics of a house.

Our Real Estate market has been growing, and will continue to grow, which is in no small part due to the activities that the Truckee-Tahoe area has to offer.  Whether in our entry-level or luxury markets, we are confident that there is enough diversity in our communities to fit what you are looking for.