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Tahoe Summer Bucket List: SUP Fly Fishing

What new thing will I try this summer? Now that is a question with so many possible answers that it makes my head spin.  Just how adventuresome do I want to be…  keeping in mind that technical rock climbing is not my choice, and jumping out of a perfectly good airplane with a parachute never held much attraction, nor does bouncing down rocky slopes at top speed on a bicycle, I’ve decided that I will do something that is a little more compatible with my conservative style.  So, putting those possibilities aside, I am considering a foray into Stand Up Paddleboarding combined with some fly fishing from the board.  I understand that this may not be as easy as it looks, but with the possibility of falling off and embarrassing myself as about the worst consequence that can happen, this may very well be the answer to how I will expand my recreational horizons this summer. To embark on a fly fishing mission in North Lake Tahoe means you are likely to find yourself in some beautiful and tranquil places. For my SUP fly fishing adventures, I plan to push off from the shores of Donner Lake, Boca Reservior, and Stampede Reservoir. So, if you see someone flailing away with a fly rod, and perhaps climbing out of the water back onto a board, please don’t laugh.  It’s just me expressing my desire to try something new.  

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