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Tahoe Summer Bucket List: Rock Climbing

Summertime really makes Tahoe one of the best places on Earth.  It almost never rains or gets above 80 degrees, and for some magnificent reason mosquitoes don’t like it here.  Since you can be outside doing something every day, it is actually hard to divvy up your time to do all of the activities that you would like.  For example, your choices for a day off could be: mountain biking, hanging out at the lake, golfing, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, exercising on a highway (road biking), or trail running, just to name a few. For years I have spent my time mountain biking and golfing.  One is an unbelievable way to stay in shape and to see the wilderness around Lake Tahoe, and the other is a good way to have your buddies laugh at you. Either way, you’re outside. 

This summer I’m looking forward to adding a third activity to my recreational agenda- learning all of the rock climbing spots around the Truckee/ Lake Tahoe area.  Along with being another great way to get in shape, this will be a new set of skills for me to learn and also add some new places to my stockpile list of places to hang out outside. Simply driving up or down the Old 40 Highway above Donner Lake is amazing, and rock climbers get to spend their days hanging off of huge granite cliffs while staring at these views all day.  If that ever gets old, one can go bouldering at DL Bliss State Park on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, which may just be one of the coolest state parks in California. Whatever you like to do outside in the mountains, Tahoe has it… as long as you have time to fit it in.