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The Tahoe Rim Trail is 165 miles of spectacular single track trail that encompasses its way around Lake Tahoe. There are many ways to experience this incredible asset that our area has to offer. Do the whole trail all at one time by running or backpacking, or tackle the trail in pieces throughout the summer or as time allows to get all the way around.



This trail is our back yard and we frequent the sections that are closer to home.  In the summer of 2014 we set out to be part of the 165 mile club. This club is a group of people who have completed the entirety of the Tahoe Rim Trail. With a plan in place to accomplish this in one summer, we made it all the way around via trail running. The experience of being on this trail, looking down on the most beautiful mountain lake in the world was incredible. The views are so breathtaking that it is hard to put into words. Whether running through waist high wild flowers, treading on a rocky hillside, climbing one of the highest peaks, marveling at the diversity of the area, enjoying small mountain lakes, gazing at the massive trees or just listening to the birds, the experience is unforgettable.


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If you need some encouragement or structure to get you out on the trail, try signing up for the Tahoe Rim Trail Challenge. Challengers are giving 6 challenges (Rim Trail sections) to complete on your own time, at your own pace. This will give you a foundation to start with. Become part of the community and connect with other Challengers through Trail Challenge Facebook group. If you complete all six challenges you will receive an exclusive Tahoe Rim Trial Challenge patch and be entered into monthly drawings to win fun raffle prizes and swag.

This time of year, the hues of Lake Tahoe change seemingly by the minute and wildflowers are in a constant state of appearing and disappearing overnight. Now is the time to get out and discover the beauty that silently resides in the Sierra. See you out on the trail.