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As soon as word made it to Tahoe that fire was spreading rampantly throughout the Napa area, and evacuations were underway, the team at Old Greenwood wanted to take action. Being more than bystanders, they set out to do whatever it took to help those in need. With the collaboration of the Board, they held all available open reservations for owners that had been evacuated from their homes in the Napa and Sonoma Area. Currently, Old Greenwood has 88 residences under fractional ownership, with just under 1,500 owners.

In order to make this happen, many owners sacrificed their reservation times to help those in need. The Old Greenwood team reached out to all owners with incoming reservations, requesting the possibility of them giving up their reservation, and rescheduling should they need to use their unit to house other owners that had been evacuated. Brynn Schuchardt, the Director of Vacation Experience stated, “The immediate response of those who were willing to give up their planned vacation time at the last minute, to help out a fellow Old Greenwood owner in need, was tremendous. It is heartwarming to see what people are willing to do for others in times of need.”

Over the coming days, people trickled into the resort, sharing unimaginable stories with the team of fear and loss. Even during this difficult time, and facing the possibility that they may have lost everything, each owner expressed sincere gratitude for having a place to stay. At Tahoe Mountain Lodging, one of their core values is to “Provide a Warm Welcome”. In order to deliver the warmest welcome they could, families that had been evacuated were greeted with wine, coffee, and greeting cards penned with notes of empathy and support. Though the gesture was small, the response was incredible. The team has since received emails, comments, and words of immense gratitude, thanking them for the hospitality during such an awful time.

“The generosity, care, responsiveness and concern that you and your team have extended to my family, and to other members forced to escape from the FIRES has been tremendous!! Special recognition to John and Lynn at the front desk who always demonstrate the finest qualities of Old Greenwood hospitality. We deeply appreciate every big and little deed and gesture. They mean so much. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!”

–Old Greenwood Cabin and Townhome Owner

To date, they have housed 10 evacuated owners, 2 of which, have confirmed they have lost their homes. Although the homes and sentimental personal items cannot be replaced, the sense of community and hospitality shown from this team is extraordinary. Here at Tahoe Mountain Realty, we work closely with those at Tahoe Mountain Lodging, and their genuine hospitality is continually recognized. They not only care about their facilities, they care about their owners and guests. We are thankful to shed a light on a fraction of the efforts they put in every day.

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