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Resort real estate in the Tahoe-Truckee region has been on an extended upswing for several years. This performance is driven by demand from a feeder market largely dominated by Bay Area communities for whom time spent in the mountains is an integral part of their culture.

As development opportunities throughout the region become viable, understanding the target consumer is a vital component to the underwriting process. Tahoe Mountain Realty has spent countless time evaluating our core consumers to best understand trends and market dynamics that will make these projects successful. Below is an overview of the primary archetypes we’ve identified as driving our market.


< 40 Years
Driven by Action & Adventure
Moderate Wealth

A group of fast-moving professionals, mainly from the Bay Area, love to be the first to discover new things and share experiences on social media. They are avid seekers of new experiences, tackling the longest hiking trails and most challenging ski runs. They currently live in an urban area and are seeking a more open-air escape that will appreciate in value over the years.


40-55 Years
Driven by Connection
Moderately Wealthy to Wealthy

This group is looking to give their children new and memorable experiences in a healthy, natural environment. They are looking to make a legacy purchase that may be handed down to future generations. They don’t care for a hard-sell approach and are more likely to trust referrals from their peer group when choosing a home.


Baby Boomers / >50 Years
Driven by Fulfillment

This group is looking for an iconic, custom home to for semi-retirement that will act as a magnet for attracting multiple generations. The have achieved success and feel entitled to a reward for a lifetime of hard work worthy of their status. A relaxed lifestyle full of community event and cultural experiences is something to look forward to.