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It’s safe to say that Lake Tahoe is not a secret destination any longer. Often times, while you think your family’s decision to go to Tahoe for the weekend is a unique idea – the thousands of families on the road stuck in the same traffic you’re in are looking for the same fresh mountain air and slash powder that you are. It’s a quick realization that your weekend may be filled with standing in lines, and crowds, just to pack up the car and sit in traffic on the way home too.

Meanwhile, your neighbor, who just moseyed over to the airport 15 minutes before his plane took off this morning, with skis in hand, is now flying at about 300mph and 12,000 feet over your car and will be done skiing for the day when you finally roll into the parking lot in your minivan full of screaming kids.
The notion that private planes are reserved for top executives, athletes and celebrities has now passed. Private planes are becoming more and more attainable for the normal traveler now with the introduction of a few amazing companies offering various membership levels and private charter flights throughout California and and Westcoast.

Surfair has led this charge, offering direct flights from several Bay Area and Southern California destinations to the Truckee Airport. With a current inventory of 12 planes and 14 airports, Surfair is also proud to announce its recent acquisition of Texas based company Rise Airlines. This strategic move will undoubtedly unlock many more airplanes and destinations, as discussions of increasing their bandwidth to Texas and the Pacific Northwest is in the works.


It’s safe to say that Surfair has also changed the game in a big way for our local economy here in Truckee as best evidenced by recent sales success of several nearby communities like Martis Camp, Mountainside, Lahontan, Schaffer’s Mill and Gray’s Crossing. Now, raising your family in Tahoe and telecommuting as needed back to work in the Bay or LA is a real possibility for families looking to simplify, and increase quality of life for their family.

Surfair offers various Flight Packages, and Monthly Memberships to cater to everyone’s budget and flight frequency preferences. So keep your car in the garage this winter, Surf to Tahoe and maximize your time spent on the slopes!

NOW is also a perfect time to live out your dream of owning property in Tahoe. Please contact me if you’d like to schedule a tour or receive more information about a specific property today! I look forward to seeing you in the lift lines soon!