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Despite a late winter push from mother nature, the lower elevation snowpack around the North Lake Tahoe area has allowed for all of the golf courses in the area to schedule their opening dates before June 1st. The fairways and greens are in excellent shape and ready for the summer season. Listed below are the planned opening dates for the premier courses of our resort communities:

Lahontan*: May 13th

Old Greenwood: May 13th

Gray’s Crossing: May 20th

Martis Camp*: May 20th

Northstar: May 20th

*Members Only

These aren’t the only courses in the area, and maybe you’re looking for something open earlier or a little more “relaxed.” Here are the dates for the other courses in the area:

Old Brockway: April 7th

Ponderosa: April 29th

Coyote Moon: May 20th

Tahoe Donner: May 27th