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Are you ready to do something different? Ready to spend and evening in a location that will take your breath away? Ready to see world class performances in the most beautiful setting?  The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival is here for the next two months. A variety of live performances are set on the stage that is nestled in the rocks of Sand Harbor State Park on Lake Tahoe. Enjoy the warm summer nights with a good friends, a cold beverage in hand and a picnic dinner. Watch the sun go down behind the mountains as the stage is illuminated and the show goes on into the night.

The spot light show this year is Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labour’s Lost” about a King’s court and a hysterical mess when a beautiful princess arrives after the court has been devoted to their studies and free of women. The other theatrical performance is “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, a Sherlock Holmes story performed by three actors creating dozens of characters. Other shows to take part in are blues, jazz, world and rock music, ballet and a night of interactive history with Alexander Hamilton.

The gates open at 5:30pm, and Shakespeare’s Kitchen & Bar is right inside to purchase dinner. Enjoy the meal before in the dining area or take it to your seats. Options include salads like crab & shrimp louie, smoked tri-tip sandwich, the black & blue hamburger or mahi-mahi tacos. To save some time – order your meal ahead of time when you buy your ticket, and your order will be waiting for you when you come in.

Make it a good night. Go once or go see them all. The outdoor venue is gorgeous and unique. A Tahoe experience that truly should not be missed.

Click here for tickets and more information.

Photo courtesy of (The Comedy of Errors (2016). Photo by Joy Strotz)