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I have been working at TMR for a solid year now — and being the designated front desk greeter, right in middle of a vacation destination has been quite the experience. The most important thing that I have learned from chatting with our guests from all corners of the world there is one common theme. They all LOVE Tahoe. Talking to folks about what they did that day, how the conditions were on the mountain during winter, giving suggestions on the best hiking spots, where they are planning on going to dinner, and on and on. It has renewed my own excitement and gratitude for where I live and work.

That is part of the fun of being a local is hearing how much visitors love it, too.

In the winter, our office turns into a bit of a retreat from the elements while visitors wait for their rides to come and swing through skier drop-off. One snowy afternoon this past winter, I chatted with a very charming woman from Essex, England and I learned her and her husband have visited the area a couple weeks every year, initially from their friend’s recommendation. They loved it so much that they kept coming back every winter, and even continued the tradition with their 4 year old daughter. It is stories like this that are so heart-warming to listen to – others share the same love of Tahoe, and want to pass that down to their kids.

It is so refreshing to hear positive feedback from visitors about what a great time they are having in the area, and how much they love Tahoe, just as our whole team does.

Come on in and tell me about where you hiked, where you went to the beach, the breakfast place you went to with the amazing pancakes – I want to hear about it! That is part of the fun of being a local is hearing how much visitors love it, too.