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One of the best things about the Truckee area growing as a recreational destination for many is the addition of incredible fine dining. Historically, Truckee has always provided an abundance of outdoor activities, but at the end of a great day of adventure there weren’t always many options for a fine dining experience… enter Chef Jacob Burton.

Chef Jacob opened Stella restaurant at the Cedar House Sport Hotel and quickly became a favorite among locals and part-time residents alike. His body of work is innovative, creative, yet incredibly simple. Recognized as one of Food and Wine Magazine’s People’s Choice for Best New Chef, Chef Jacob serves up unforgettable memories in addition to delectable meals. The European style kitchen is open to the dining room so you are able to see his expertise in action. The open environment allowed for patrons to ask questions about his technique, which he encouraged and loved. Today, Stella is no longer offering nightly dinner service as Chef Jacob is pursuing his passion of teaching and hosting more intimate affairs. Chef Jacob’s Podcasts, the Stella Culinary School, have been featured on the front page of iTunes and has over 1 million downloads. I am blown away that we have such a talented individual right here in our little town. I hope that you will be able to meet him, as his best attribute is his humility and excitement to share knowledge along with his passion for food.

For a list of Chef Jacob’s upcoming Underground Dinners and Cooking Classes, click here.


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