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Many clients and friends have emailed and/or called me recently to ask if they should still come up to ski this weekend. So, I decided to check it out myself…I skied yesterday afternoon for three hours at Northstar, and I was pleasantly surprised. The skiing was actually very good. My wife and I hit a few runs on the front side and then hit the backside for two hours. The coverage on the runs was amazing and the consistency of the snow was soft, but not slushy. Northstar has been blowing snow every night and even opened two new runs yesterday. Of course, we were limited to skiing groomed runs, but we still had a blast. It was sunny and felt like spring skiing. I encourage you to come on up! Remember, vacationing in Tahoe isn’t just about the skiing. There are plenty of events and activities, ice skating, hiking, spa treatments, shopping, etc. to keep you busy when you’re not on the slopes.

We hope to see you around Tahoe this weekend!