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Right now I am dreaming about running in the hot, dry, mid-summer sun, my shoes and legs getting covered in dust, on my favorite trails in the Martis Valley, Tahoe Donner, Peavine Mountain, Thomas Creek and White’s Creek.

“…it’s a joy to get back to an old habit that I lost for a while.”

I’ve been a regular runner my whole life, but have had a few down years due to a convergence of health issues and life events (this is code for “I had a baby”). I’ve been back in the saddle so far in 2020, and thanks to current global circumstances, my family is locked down at home and I find I’m able to carve out a little bit of time every day to run. The trail conditions in Reno (where I live) are in prime shape at this time of year, thanks to all of the precipitation we have had since March, and it’s a joy to get back to an old habit that I lost for a while.

This shoulder season in Tahoe has been different than any I have ever experienced, with everyone weirdly unable to socialize or see one another, yet with vacation homes so much more full than they would be at this time in a normal year. Town is full, yet it is also empty…During a normal year, right now, I would be trying to get a little down time and recharge my batteries before the busy summer season. This year, I’m trying to double down, stay focused and engaged with the local markets and my clients, and most importantly, trying to run every day.

I’m loving getting out on the trails, shaking off the dust, and dreaming of summer runs in Tahoe.