When Should I list?

Before Ski Season is Over

The end of winter often reveals those that have exhausted the use of their mountain home and are ready for new adventures resulting in a glut of inventory from late April through Memorial Day. A phenomenon that is misaligned with the shopping habits of the typical Tahoe consumer and results in extended time on the market. Savvy sellers are recognizing the extreme dearth of supply in the current marketplace and seizing the opportunity to come to market now given the opportunity to stand out among the limited competition. This increases the probability of multiple offers which, in turn, increases the potential net proceeds to the seller.

Tahoe Ski Resorts Closing Dates*:

Northstar California | April 18th

Palisades Tahoe | May 15th

Homewood | April 10th

Sugarbowl | April 17th

*These are proposed dates and are subject to change at any time

As Seen on Forbes.com

Construction costs push more consumers to built homes


The Forbes article, Builder Headaches From Tahoe To Boston Include Lumber Prices, Labor Issues, Land And Material Shortages, showcases why homes are in demand now more than ever. “Lake Tahoe also has construction industry labor shortages along with shortages of building materials. “What happens is homes are now more expensive to build while taking longer to complete. People don’t want to hear it will take three years to build their home,” Clifton Taylor attests.” This time delay interrupts the typical life cycle of the Tahoe consumer.

“Time is the greatest variable for us in this business. There is a certain shelf life to an asset here. If an owner can’t occupy a home for several years, that could be 25% of the asset’s life if you are only looking at owning a home here for, say, maybe 8-10 years,” Brown said.

With a consumer who is seeking modern inventory, we have seen a shift from land purchases where clients can build their dream house to shift priorities to kick start their Tahoe lifestyle.  “We have had a number of transactions of raw land that have not occurred. Instead, those buyers have purchased a finished home that may not have everything they had wanted,” Brown adds.


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