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When Should I List?

The time is now

Savvy sellers are recognizing the extreme dearth of supply in the current marketplace and seizing the opportunity to come to market now given the opportunity to stand out among the limited competition. This increases the probability of multiple offers which, in turn, increases the potential net proceeds to the seller.

The typical rhythm of any given year in our resort communities will see the greatest swelling of new listings come to market once most resorts shut down operations in late April through June. This stands to reason as homes show optimally allowing for opulent photography and longer days for touring. However, savvy sellers willing to come market when competition is absent are often rewarded with stronger transactions and potentially greater yield versus those that follow the conventional path standing shoulder to shoulder with competing listings.

The end of winter often reveals those that have exhausted the use of their mountain home and are ready for new adventures resulting in a glut of inventory from late April through Memorial Day. A phenomenon that is misaligned with the shopping habits of the typical Tahoe consumer and results in extended time on the market.

Perspectives by Forbes Global Properties

An outlook on global luxury real estate

Perspectives by Forbes Global Properties offers a comprehensive analysis of the international luxury residential market. The detailed report showcases how the luxury real estate market performed in 2022, and the outlook for 2023—with insights from more than 13,000 prominent local experts in 440 locations across the globe. This report includes insights on:

  • Luxury property prices: Key factors impacting the ebb and flow of the global luxury markets
  • Must-have amenities: Priorities for affluent buyers in 2023
  • Top sales case studies: Behind-the-scenes stories from top real estate experts about how they achieved some of 2022’s most exciting property sales.
  • Trophy sales in 2022: A look at real estate purchases among the Forbes 400
  • Overseas property buyers: A closer look at international real estate buyer trends in key markets

Benefits of Partnering with TMR for Your Sale

Elevated Listing Services

Our commitment to new and innovative tools combined with our team of the best local experts makes us the industry leader in getting properties sold.

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