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Real Estate Pick of the Week – 1806 Christy Lane

1806 Christy Lane
Squaw Valley
4 bed / 5 bath, 5,328 sq. ft.
MLS# 20140483

I am a sucker for big views from a hot tub and anything close to KT. This new listing on Christy Lane sits almost directly above Graham’s Restaurant (my favorite restaurant and definitely favorite proprietor in Squaw Valley, by the way) and offers incredible views of KT from the hot tub on the front deck. It is located below Sandy Way, which is before any of the really tricky pitches in the road. The house has some interesting décor, but that will all be gone upon new ownership. What is unique about this home, is that it is more formal than most Squaw homes- with less of the “lodge feel,” and a more traditional design. But, honestly, all I really take away from this home is the view. The house is voluminous, so the bigger the family the better. Click here to view this property.

Regarding sales in Squaw Valley, eight homes have sold so far in this year, which puts the real estate progress in this area right on par with the last few years; 2013–20 sales, 2012–18 sales, 2011–19 sales. Condominium sales in Squaw are on the same trend, excluding 2011 which was when the most distressed properties sold due to market conditions (condominium sales: 2014–19, 2011–48, 2012–45, 2011–63).

The Resort at Squaw Creek golf course in Squaw Valley will be the last golf course in the North Lake Tahoe area to open for the season, next Thursday, June 22nd. So far, the firsthand reports I have received are that all of the courses in the area came out of the winter season in great shape. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you on the greens in the near future!