After a short welcomed break to the epic winter with 60 degree temperatures and nice corn-cycle turns…winter has seemed to return to the Tahoe region as over a foot of new snow graced our hillsides in the past few days.

With temperatures so high during the previous week, I found myself starting to do spring cleaning around the house… mainly dusting off my mountain bike and golf clubs. I was convinced I had fully transitioned to summer mode until this storm that has seemed to rekindle my love for winter once again.

Every morning as I review what’s new in the marketplace and send applicable listings to clients, I must admit, as it has been refreshing to be able to share new product coming to market, I’m still in love with many winter listings that many agents are now scrolling over.

This spring will most likely yield more than average listing numbers as normal volume will be coupled with new sellers, exhausted from the maintenance that comes with owning in the mountains on a big winter and deciding to throw in the towel.

But as the real estate market is now making its predictable shift to summer-centric properties, the savvy buyer, preparing for next winter, is recognizing the amazing opportunities still remaining in the resort communities as we reach the end of the winter listing cycle.

Once optimistic sellers who listed their properties prior to the holiday season, holding out for that stronger offer to come as the snow continued to fly, are now regretting not taking those early winter offers more seriously and more inclined to entertain written offers now over resetting the clock and joining the summer listing frenzy to come.

Take a look at some of my favorite opportunities still here at Northstar and lock in your family basecamp today for a lifetime of memories and Tahoe adventures to come.

Northstar Village Condos

Village Walk Townhomes

Mountainside at Northstar


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