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Buying a home can be both exciting and stressful at various times. Even for the experienced home buyer the process can occasionally feel foreign and vulnerable, and the receipt of a home inspection report can be especially daunting. Below are my tips for making it through what can be the crux of successfully purchasing a home.

1. Stay focused on the big picture items: Any issues that affect the function and safety of the home should be #1 priority i.e.) water heater, furnace repairs, mold remediation.

2. Speak directly to the Inspector and ask these questions: I can’t emphasize the importance of this communication enough.

-What is your overall impression of the home?

-Which issues do you perceive as being high priority?

-How does this home compare to others of the same age?

-Ask for clarification on any unclear items.

3. Get Quotes: The Tahoe/Truckee region is notorious for labor shortage. It may be unrealistic for repairs to be completed during the escrow period. Asking for a credit may be better received than requesting a seller complete repairs within a constrained time frame. Seasonality also plays a role, i.e.) cracked driveways are best to be addressed during hot summer days not mid-December.

4. Find common ground: Remember that the Request for Repairs is a time for negotiation. Be clear on which issues may be deal breaker items, and which may have creative solutions that work for both parties.