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My daughter and I started a new activity in our house today. The concept is essentially: piggy bank meets bucket list. Every time we wish we could go to one of our favorite places, see someone we love, treat ourselves to something special, visit somewhere we’ve never been, or a fun idea for entertaining our friends at home, we’re simply jotting it down on a piece of scrap paper and putting it into a mason jar. When this scary time has passed, and we are back to our routine, we will have this list to work our way through. There is no doubt in my mind that we will embrace each and every one of these things with a more gratitude and grace than ever before. 

I let the 4 year old go first. As much as I was almost positive she was going to say “go to the beach” (we are admittedly Lake Tahoe beach bums), I was not completely shocked when she immediately and decisively screamed “go to THE DANCING”. What Aria affectionately refers to as “the dancing” is the Tuesday concerts at PJ’s Clubhouse / Gray’s Crossing. These summer nights have become the highlight of the week for many families and friends over the course of the past couple years. The lineup of artists is perfectly balanced and constantly impressive. The setting is absolutely pristine, insta-worthy goodness with views for days. The BBQ is a-smokin’ and the rosé is delivered to your glass with a healthy pour. All things considered, the best part – far and away – is still the PEOPLE. The lawn fills up with tapestries, beach blankets and lawn chairs as the kids kick off their shoes and head to the dance floor, which is really just the soft, clean putting green-like grass directly in front of the outdoor stage. Some of the moms and dads may be trickling in off the golf course as others are showing up from work or a day on the boat. The energy ignites as people greet each other as if it’s a family reunion – because it basically is. 

Without further ado – I’d love to share some magical memories (by way of video) from the Tuesday concerts at Gray’s Crossing. You can see my barefoot ballerina has grown up quite a bit from her first twirls as a 1 year old to full-blown flower-child dance moves at 3 (last summer). Needless to say, we can’t wait to get back out there this coming season and shake it with the best of ’em. 

Dancing Queen from Tahoe Mountain Realty on Vimeo.