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A boat ride on Lake Tahoe is arguably one of the best ways to spend your summer days in Tahoe. What many do not think about is where the boat parks at night. If you are lucky, it can be as easy as climbing out of the bed in your boat house into your lifted boat garage or as exciting as navigating the busy boat ramp process.

Supply is fixed as it is close to impossible to build a new pier, drop a new buoy, or add marinas with slips as the crystal-clear waters on Lake Tahoe are tightly regulated. Demand is strong and the region draws up to 300,000 people a day in boating season but only about 5,000 (1% of the visitors) have places to park their boats overnight. Property values can be impacted as they are often deeded into real estate. Below, are the 6 types of parking for your boat overnight.

The Boat Ramp

  • Trailering a boat from your home is not too difficult; however, on busy days if you do not arrive very early, you will need to wait in line at the boat ramp and manage the logistics associated with moving your trailer.
  • Boat ramps are as low as $15 per drop in the lake.

Marina Launches

  • Just let them know when you want the boat in the water, drive to the marina, and enjoy the day.
  • The price starts at $125 per drop and about $3,000 to store it for the summer.

Buoy & Shared Pier 

  • The convenience of this will depend on each HOA’s management, the depth of the pier, and staffing. Some HOA’s have a staffed pier attendant that will drive you to your boat anytime while others might require you own and use a dingy.
  • HOAs with these amenities increase the value between 200K and 700K per unit.

Boat Slip

  • You just drive to the marina and step into your boat. Another perk is that you do not need to choose a home in a particular location. The Easy A la Carte Package.
  • The average boat slip cost is about $473,000 but ranges from $235,000 to $707,000 depending on the size the depth of the slip.

Pier with a boat lift

  • These are very rare but keep your boat clean and just steps away from using it. Effortless as it gets.
  • The value of a pier with a lift depends on the location, quality, wave dampening, deep water access, boat lift, or not. It typically adds at least $2,000,000.

Boat Garages

  • As effortless as it sounds. While there are less than a dozen, these owners easily keep the boat out of the elements and go boating on those winter days when the lake is pure glass.
  • Due to lack of supply and only 1 has sold in the past 2 years it is estimated that it would add well over $6,500,000.

Please note that with each option outlined above, every situation is very unique and the agents at Tahoe Mountain Realty stay ahead of the market and are prepared to help you with your boating vision on Lake Tahoe.

This Blog has been authored by Greg Righellis