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Pianeta – A Great Truckee Restaurant

Located in Downtown Truckee on Commercial Row, Pianeta restaurant offers amazing Italian and Mediterranean dishes with one of the warmest and coziest atmospheres available in North Lake Tahoe.  Opened in 1998 by Robyn Sills and Ed Colemen, who also own Pacific Crest Grill, Pianeta has an intimate feel with warm coloring and dim lighting simulating an authentic Italian ambiance.  There is a great bar to enjoy Happy Hour, or you can easily enjoy a full meal sitting there.

The setting is only part of the allure of Pianeta. The food is truly the main attraction. Taking a poll of TMRRE team members, here are some of our Pianeta favorites you might want to try:

Appetizer: Antipasti Mista and Carpaccio
Salad: Insalata Robyn and Caprese
Main Course: Bistecca all Modenese (Rib-eye Steak) and Chicken Marsala

In addition to these suggestions, always check out the daily special menu. The daily ravioli special is always worth considering.

Bon Appetite!