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The previous 60 days have been productive for Old Greenwood fractional share sales. With 14 re-sales sold and a few withdrawn listings, the active inventory is down from 105 shares two months ago to just 88 shares today (and from a peak of 108 listings in July). Prior to two months ago, there were 27 fractional shares sold in 2014, which makes 41 fractional sales year-to-date for 2014. 

Coincidentally, 41 is the total number of re-sales for all of 2013. The total dollar volume for those 41 sales was $1,024,650 (vs. $1,214,200 list price). Total dollar volume for the 41 sales so far in 2014 is $986,600 (vs. $1,182,840 list price), a decrease in value of about 4% from last year. This is consistent with what we are seeing in individual share sales; continued softness in pricing is based on an oversupplied market and buyer wariness due to ongoing litigation from the HOA. We are looking for a strong winter to keep up the sales momentum at Old Greenwood and turn around declining values.

Here is a list of all Old Greenwood fractional share properties sold over the last 60 days. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more detailed information regarding ownership at Old Greenwood,

Abby Hogan