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October Tahoe Hiking October in Tahoe is a time to slow down and enjoy the change in season as the air gets colder and the leaves start to turn. Getting outside this time of year is beautiful most everywhere around Lake Tahoe but there are some hikes that light up this time of year due to the thick aspen groves. There are 3 trails that are great for hiking and mountain biking. Bring a picnic and stop and enjoy the wonders of fall in the mountains.


Page Meadows
This trail is based out of Tahoe City and is packed with views. Twin Peaks, Grouse Rock, Ward Peak and Scott Peak can be seen in the distance. Page Meadows is comprised of many meadows, each with it’s own personality and views. Look out for wildlife as it is not uncommon to see hawks, golden eagles, coyote or even a bear. This hike is friendly for just about anyone, including small children.

The Tahoe Rim trail makes it’s way right through the Page Meadow. Pick up the trail from the top of Talmont Estates. Drive south on HWY 89 and turn right on Pineland Drive (2 miles south of Tahoe City). Keep heading up, veer left till you make it to Ward Creek Blvd. The Tahoe Rim Trail intersects this road. Be on the lookout as there is a large trail marker on the left with a spot to park. From there head north on the trail. The first meadow is about 1 mile in.


marlette1Marlette Lake
This hike starts at Spooner Lake which is a miniature version of Marlene that requires little hiking. Enjoy this little gem before making the 5 mile trek that takes you 1150 feet above Lake Tahoe to the shores of Marlette Lake. Head to the east side of the lake and walk through the tunnels of yellow aspens to a small peninsula where you can still find old remains of the Marlette Lake Water System that was created to provide water for the silver mining boom in the late 1800’s. Enjoy the beauty and history this fall on this hike.

Spooner Lake parking is at the intersection of HWY 28 and HWY 50 at the northeast corner of Lake Tahoe. You can either park in the state park and pay a $10 fee or take the short jog left where HWY 28 meets 50 and park at the summit. 


Market Update

The surge of fall buying activity has been strong, and sellers are wise to take advantage of the market momentum and position their properties in the best light to attract buyers. Strategic price reductions have been successful lately, triggering buyers who are on the fence to act. In some cases, sellers are getting multiple offers on recently reduced properties.

Buyers have been patient since the beginning of summer, and are keeping a close eye on the Tahoe market. They may have toured a property earlier in the year that seemed out of reach price-wise, and an appropriate price adjustment will spur them into action. Finding the real value of a property can be tricky, but there is always a sweet spot where both parties can come to terms and be satisfied with the outcome.

Expect to see more reductions in the next 30 days followed by quick contracts. Tahoe market activity remains steady fueled by a large pool of buyers and anticipation for the upcoming winter season.