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Skiing and snowboarding is one of the greatest family activities enjoyed by all generations regardless of skill level. My son has been on skis since 3 years old and my daughter at 4. I was able to teach them the basic fundamentals very young when we’d make snow plow laps on the driveway. After a winter of that followed by a couple Chiropractic bills it was time to seek other alternatives and that is when we discovered the Northstar Ski Programs.

We signed them up for the Pioneer team on Wednesday and Friday’s. The instructors where amazing and were able to teach beyond my level of coaching. At years end no blue square was left untouched and we found our way down Challenger and a couple other BLACK Diamond runs. Our kids have no desire to ski race and no longer participate in the ski team program but the experience and friendships developed were amazing.

Lessons aren’t just for beginners and youngsters, Northstar offers programs custom tailored to your abilities and goals. So if you seek a basic tune up on your skills or want to learn a new trick don’t overlook the ski programs at Northstar before the season ends.

For more information on Northstar Ski & Snowboard School, please click here.