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Northstar for the Holidays

Living in a resort town adds a whole new level of excitement and magic around the winter holidays. You basically get to experience high levels of joy and enthusiasm daily, and see, firsthand, how families enjoy this special time each year. I find that during these busy times, there is always a family or two I meet that puts a smile on my face and helps me remember how incredibly special our mountain town is. This year, one of my owners brought me this satisfaction. 

My owners purchased a residence at Northstar Resort late last summer and vowed to me that they would never to use their home in the winters. They wanted to capitalize on ski season rental revenue and enjoy the summer months when their kids are out of school. To my surprise, this family walked into our Tahoe Mountain Realty showroom in The Village at Northstar with huge smiles on their faces, glowing with excitement. They were here during New Year’s week, arguably the busiest week in any ski resort area, and couldn’t believe how amazing their experiences had been. They had 3 young kids, 2 of which were skiing and a little baby girl, who was now walking. They were within striking distance of everything that Northstar Resort has to offer and never had to get into their car after arriving to enjoy it all.  Aside from skiing, their week was filled with dining and events in The Village at Northstar, ice-skating, Kids’ Camps, spa treatments at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe. They had everything at their fingertips. They realized that what was most important to them was spending as much family time as possible and if this meant potentially higher rental expenditures, it didn’t matter.

The children of this family go to a small, private school so not only is the family flexible with their ability to escape to the mountains, but they’ve also vowed to introduce this lifestyle to all of the other families at their children’s school – all 300 of them. I look forward to helping each and every one of them find their own piece of magic here in Lake Tahoe-Truckee. 

Liza Killen