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With over 40 years of operation, the number who can claim to be Northstar Alumni is vast. While many owners, slogans, logos and taglines have come and gone, memories of seasons spent with colleagues, many of who would become lifelong friends are vivid for me. Perhaps it is the intensity of working through condensed seasons or the frivolity that comes with making a living being outdoors and enjoying a passion, working at Northstar had a summer camp feeling that I’ve never been able to replicate.

As such, it is especially fun to gather together every few years to enjoy a Northstar Reunion. This past weekend, Paula Rachuy and a wonderful team put together the best event to date. Nearly 100 people ranging from the original 1972 sales team to current employees were in attendance at the Truckee Airport to share memories and catch-up on recent years.

While many faces were familiar, many pre-dated my tenure that began in 1992. What became immediately apparent is that our antics were in no way original. Many a photo featuring 1970’s and 1980’s era garb featured parties, softball teams, and skinny skis. Similarly, some faces less wrinkled were on hand to share stories from this millennium.

Every story had a common theme as what department it came from, what brand of adult beverage was being consumed, and, undoubtedly, a healthy dose of exaggeration defined the players.

On a personal note, I particularly enjoyed seeing some of the leaders from my era who had a profound impact on my life then and now including Bobby Reader, TJ Jones, Brent Boblitt, Julie Maurer, Ken Rae and Connie Blair.

At the reunion, Tahoe Mountain Realty collected vintage photographs and brochures from attendees which we will be sharing with you as we continue to tell the New Northstar story.

A date has been set for the 2018 reunion; Northstar’s 45th year of operation and a chance to welcome a new batch of alumni to the club.


Be sure to follow our New Northstar blog series as we share the evolution of this world-class resort.

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