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Northstar has weathered the storm of financial upturn and downturn. And the evidence of that can be seen in the continued appeal of “Vintage*” properties at Northstar. Sales prices still have not returned to 2007 levels, but the volume of sales has remained fairly steady.

Vintage condominium sales in 2015 have exceeded the sales volume of 2007 (a year in which the number of sales and median price of those sales were at an all time high). The volume of Vintage home sales in 2015 are comparable with those in 2007.

What accounts for the popularity of vintage Northstar properties? It could be the continuing complimentary shuttle bus service to lower Northstar. Or perhaps the appeal of the Northstar Recreation Center? Pricing is probably a factor. But the volume of sales clearly indicates that vintage Northstar is holding it’s own. While the demand for Mountainside at Northstar and Ritz-Carlton properties continues, Vintage Northstar has held onto its market.

Comparative Analysis – Northstar

TMReport_2015 Market Analysis - Northstar



*Aspen Grove, Gold Bend, Indian Hills, Ski Trails and homes in areas other than Northstar’s newer subdivision, Big Springs.