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A Local Perspective – Northstar; A Genuine Community

As we continue to tell the New Northstar story, we will be featuring many contributing writers, each with a unique background at and scope of the resort. This week, I would like to introduce Ann McBride, a Truckee local with a deep connection to our area and many stories to tell.

We’ve chosen Ann as one voice for our New Northstar story because of her long standing involvement with Northstar Resort, and her extensive knowledge of and interest in the community as well as the surrounding Martis Valley. We look forward to sharing with you her insights on the area and its changes over the years in future blog posts, but first it is my pleasure to provide a brief biography of our author.

Ann grew up in northern Nevada, with a childhood that was strongly tied to enjoyment of the outdoors. Family vacations to the North Lake Tahoe area were a tradition that Ann eagerly looked forward to each summer, and since her first visit to Kings Beach as a young girl, Ann knew that one day she would make North Lake Tahoe home. As a young adult Ann “studied skiing” at the University of Nevada, Reno and gained a well-rounded repertoire of experience in Tahoe while employed in a variety of capacities. Some of her roles included managing a summer resort, helping to open a hotel on Donner Summit, and working alongside ski technicians and outfitters. New opportunities eventually transported Ann to a life in Hawaii, but after five years on  Maui, she felt a pull back to Tahoe, a move that brought her home for good. Ann’s career at Northstar began in 1982 when she became the rental property manager; a role in which she was responsible for the oversight of 150 properties at the original Northstar. It was during this time that Ann developed an intricate knowledge and understanding of the community. Ann quickly learned all about the idiosyncrasies and complications which often arise when one is responsible for the oversight and operation of homes set in an unpredictable alpine environment. This role served as the foundation from which Ann grew to know and enjoy Northstar. Eventually, a transition into real estate at Tahoe Mountain Realty was only natural for Ann, as she wanted to assist others in experiencing the pleasure of owning a piece of the lifestyle that she enjoys so much.

Ann is a charming and compassionate individual who I admire for her depth of knowledge and devotion to our part of the Sierra Nevadas. It is refreshing and inspiring to be acquainted with someone who lives with such genuine affinity for our region. Ann is an avid hiker and a true explorer. She maintains 30 nesting boxes which have helped revive the spectacular Mountain Bluebird population in Martis Valley (look for more on this special undertaking in forthcoming #NewNorthstar blog posts).

Because Ann has been connected to Northstar for many years, I inquired about what makes Northstar unique to her. Her answer was straightforward and assured: Northstar is distinct because in place is a sense of genuine community. A symbiotic relationship exists here, unlike other resorts in our area, a relationship between ski area operator, developer, and property owners. The trio of entities have always kept each other’s best interests at heart, and decisions are carefully made to benefit all.

The history of Northstar before it became the Northstar California that you know today has involved a diverse and interesting range of people and events- be sure to look for future blog posts from Ann which will detail this special history at #NewNorthstar!

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