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Tahoe Mountain Realty has closely monitored the National Association of Realtors litigation as well as the copious media coverage that has followed news of a settlement. We are keenly aware of the vast uncertainty and questions around the proposed terms of the settlement. In the simplest of terms, we are in favor of any regulation, law, or standard that institutes greater transparency into our industry.

We cherish the relationships cultivated with our clients far and wide. We have studied many potential outcomes and encourage you to engage with us with your thoughts and questions.

We understand you have questions, Ask Us.

We expect that this new environment will create a separation among the best service providers in our industry. We can’t pretend to understand all the short and long-term impacts of these changes other than to acknowledge that new methods of demonstrating our value will be required in every scenario.

To understand the proposed changes, Ask Us.

For our buyers, our commitment remains:

  • To find you the exact right property; on or off-market; in the place that best suits your lifestyle needs
  • To be your advocate in negotiating a fair price that is advantageous to your circumstances
  • To navigate a complicated transaction, including interpreting inspections, disclosures, and repairs, with efficiency and clear communication to ensure that there are no hidden surprises​
For our sellers, our commitment remains:
  • Market-leading insight and strategy that positions your property for optimal success; including the engagement of buyer’s agents
  • A rich database of prospective consumers curated over years of direct, in-market engagement
  • Exceptional risk mitigation strategies that ensure full compliance with the many legal requirements of home sellers
Regardless of the outcome, Tahoe Mountain Realty will be at the forefront with the same transparency, insight, and accountability we’ve always provided our clients and that you’ve come to expect from us. We welcome your valuable input and inquiries as we move forward, don’t hesitate to Ask Us.

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