My Journey into Real Estate

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Unless born into a real estate family, I’ve found that very few people set out into their professional careers with the intention of selling real estate for a living. For most, it seems the real estate finds them through some connection to their community and a unique connection to its properties and people. 

I believe this to be particularly true for those in the Lake Tahoe – Truckee region.  As such, the back-stories of how our team came to this profession are often compelling both for their content value and the impact the story has on their way of doing business. 

For me, real estate came about through my involvement with the resort. Having worked in numerous capacities at Northstar including Ski Instructor and Sales Manager for over a decade, I had a strong interest in and knowledge of the community. Upon learning of plans for East West Partners to finally realize the long-standing vision for the resort, it became clear that the best opportunity to create a career in this region was going to come through an affiliation with this developer. 

Coming from this perspective, my interest in real estate has always come from a perspective of information. What dynamics drive our market to make the resort communities we serve so compelling to the marketplace? Why is there demand for newer and nicer communities in the Martis Valley rather than at Lake Tahoe proper? How do the dynamics of the Bay Area real estate market drive our region? 

In seeking answers to these questions, I’ve found a voice that seems to resonate beyond active buyers and sellers of land to those who similarly consider themselves students of the market. My analyses tend to follow statistical trends as these are the simplest ways to demonstrate certain trends. 

As I’ve had the privilege to assume the leadership of Tahoe Mountain Resorts Real Estate, we’ve made a distinct effort to serve our customers by maintaining the value of information in many forms. On a macro-level, you’ll find frequent opportunities to follow sales volume throughout the region via our Monthly Tahoe-Truckee Market Updates on this blog. On a quarterly basis, these reports expand their view to study deeper trends including seasonal reviews, inventory loads and other key metrics. Finally, we publish the Tahoe Mountain Report in both digital and hard copy on a semi-annual basis providing graphical representations of market conditions as well as productivity for the individual communities that make up our core focus. 

From the individual professionals that are the heart of TMR, you can enjoy these same updates as well as more nuanced information including commentary on specific properties, consumer interaction and lifestyle features that showcase what home ownership in this region will mean to you in a way that transcends dollars and cents. Each of our agents maintains their own platforms for communication including weekly newsletters, personal blogs and various forms of social media. You can also find these contributions in cumulative through Tahoe Mountain Resorts:


This fall, we will be featuring similar stories from each of our professionals giving you an opportunity to get to know our team on a new level. Each person has come to us via a unique path and offers great value through the lens of their experiences. 

I hope you’ll enjoy this series as well as a terrific fall in Tahoe. 

Jeff Brown