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My Journey into Real Estate

My real estate career started long before I earned my license and entered the business. Throughout college, I was always very interested in business and economics, so, I acquired my business degree with an emphasis on economics. For ten years after I first moved to Tahoe, I was fully entrenched in the golf business, working as a head professional at Squaw Creek and Whitehawk Ranch. I enjoyed working in a service industry, but it did not fully provide me with the business exposure that I was looking for. Luckily, the time I spent working in the golf industry taught me that service is the key to any and all kinds of business.

Eventually, my wife and I acquired an investment property. This triggered me to think more and more about real estate as a principle given that I really enjoyed the strategic components of transactions. 

My interest in real estate and customer service eventually converged.  I was given the opportunity to work with my current broker; a trusted partner in other real estate transactions, one of the most successful agents in the area, and one of my best friends, who encouraged me along with his mentorship.  The complexities and intricacies of business deals had always been enthralling to me. Of course I also loved living in Tahoe and didn’t want to leave. My customer service background from golf really came into play because real estate is a transaction business, but it is also very much a service industry. The most successful people in the industry are strong in both respects.

Something I hadn’t anticipated when I began in real estate is the quality people I would meet, develop relationships with, and be able to do business with and for. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the most successful business people in their fields including executives from Google, venture capitalists, San Francisco Giants management, Ritz-Carlton executives, Bay Area entrepreneurs, and large business builders. Many of these people have also become good friends and advisors. 

Having since had multiple years as a Top 50 producer in the Tahoe-Sierra MLS, it is now safe to say the rest is history.

Doug Flynn